Avoiding Gravity

We know gravity as the force that keeps our feet on the ground and causes objects to fall. 

But gravity is way more than that.

Gravity is the heavy self-doubt we carry that keeps our dreams tethered.
Gravity is the "friend" who keeps our spirit grounded with his repeated negativity.
Gravity is the boss who diminishes our contribution and deflates our confidence.
Gravity is the family member who casts so much shade on our ideas that our world turns darker.

Gravity is anything and everything that limits our potential...that pours water on our passion...that weakens our "can do" spirit...that keeps our dream balloons from rising...that keeps us smaller than we could BE.

There's nothing we can do about the gravity that keeps our feet rooted to the earth. 
But for the other "gravities" that keep our lives and potential rooted in "average" and "mediocrity"? We get to choose how much we let those weights, pressures, forces, and voices cement us to the ground.

Don't let others be your gravity.

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