Before Heroes Become Heroes

We all have heroes.

A Secret to Making Your Life Remarkable

All day long..."remarkable" exists in your life.

Do you see it?

Earlier today, I looked up and saw an 800,000 pound piece of aluminum metal flying five miles above the ground. It was carrying more than 600 people, and it will do so for thousands of miles without coming down.

How to Live in Style

Today...there is pure tragedy touching many people.

Today might be a pretty darn good day for you and me, but there are millions of others in the world whose lives have been touched by devastation. 

 And pain. 

The Moon, the Sun...and Two Chihuahuas

At 6:15 a.m.... two Chihuahuas and I left for our morning walk. 

One of us witnessed a gigantic moon leave the sky...and a brilliant sun inch up and light the Southern California world. Both images were astonishingly dramatic and inspiring, and I whispered audibly "Wow!"


Sometimes to move forward in life...we gotta' learn to FREEZE it.

Freeze the fear.

Freeze the doubt.

Freeze the drama.

Tattoo It On Your Brain

If you have a goal that will absolutely change your life...then take 100% ownership of it.

And then share that goal.


#1. Share the goal with YOURSELF.

It's an All-Time Doozie

"How do I find my purpose?"

This is the question I'm asked most often.

And it's a doozie.

My answer?

Stars, Snails...and TO DO Lists

"To Do" lists are awesome.

Until they squeeze the happiness from our lives.

Three quick questions:

1. Ever feel like you're pushing a brick-delivery wheelbarrow around 24-hours a day?

My Most Awesome Life Bloopers

What is on your blooper reel?

Here are a couple of my all-time embarrassing moments, and when they happened, I thought my world was ending.

Blooper #1:

A Trigger Word To Get You MOVING!


That's my trigger word when my brain is pitching a tent in Mediocreville.  

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