Billionaires...on the Inside

As I write this, I am floating in the Pacific Ocean...85 miles off the coast of Guatemala.

Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile are additional landing spots in upcoming days.

Getting Off the Grind

It's 6:15 a.m. 

...and I'm sitting in the airport people watching.

Heroes, Capes...and TMZ

On November 1st...560+ cities and towns across America will declare Extra Mile Day

Later Looms Longer Than Now

"Will I wish I would have pushed more...later?" 

Ten Days of Twilight Zone Crazy can get all sorts of Twilight Zone crazy on us. 

Here is a big-time example...

The Artist, the Observer...and YOU



Today...we choose to live as one or the other.

Use IT Wisely

We each possess more power than we even realize.

Our words can elevate. 

Or they can devastate.

Use Your Chances

My "A. Friend" signature campaign started in 1993.

Making The Adventure Bigger Than The Fear

My Chihuahuas have snuck in another life lesson.

My most recent lesson came from the little girl..."EMi." 

Don't Lose Hope

Sometimes...we have days that beat the bonkers out of us.

They happen...and it doesn't matter how empowered we are.        

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