How Do You Use Your Time?

How do you use your time, my friend? Are you making the most of your precious 1,440 daily minutes? Or, like the fisherman, have you found ways to squander valuable time at the expense of doing something that would be far more productive, valuable, and empowering?


Dealing With Rejection

Short-term rejection may pinch hard...yes...but don't let its pinch turn fatal. Never get so caught up in one moment's defeat that you stop thinking about the 10,000 moments that you will live in the future.


Bricks and Mortar

Yes, stacking "bricks" can be rewarding, but I believe it's the mortar -  the kindness, the encouragement, the support and the generosity we show to the world - that in the end will truly show the strength and value of the life we built.


Don't Do Later What You Can Do Now

If the inevitability of a project hangs over your head and you know you have no choice but to do it eventually, do it early and take away the part where you feel worry about doing it later. 


I Can!

We each have a finite number of breaths in life. Why waste a single one believing "I can't"? 


By Shawn Anderson

The Depth of Life

A life devoted to achievement alone is hollow. A life devoted to serving others has depth.


Clear Vision of the Outcome

The day-to-day monotony of striving for a goal is made worthwhile by a clear vision of the outcome.


Everything Will Be Okay

Yes, life can be hard, and sometimes we can feel as if we are climbing mountains whose peaks we'll never reach or sliding down cliffs whose valleys have no bottom. But when we catch our worlds feeling like one or the other, it would be good to remember Delon and his words, "Everything will be okay." 


Developing People

“You develop people the same way you mine gold. When you mine gold, you have to move tons of dirt to find one ounce of gold. But you don’t go in there looking for the dirt. You go in there looking for the gold.”

- Andrew Carnegie 

Being My Own Pace-Setter

Be my own pace-setter …yeah…that’s right! Don’t let others’ expectations of me cloud my own expectations for myself. I don’t have to keep pace with anyone else. I’m not them. I’m me.


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