"Later" Starts "Now"

January 16, 2010...

Later, when the dust clears and you can see the consequences of previous individual decisions, you'll notice a trend: It feels better to have made the hard choice.

1. Later, you wish you had had one less drink.

The other end of the phone...

January 15, 2010...

Courtesy and kindness go a long, long way to making life better.

Look around you for the answer

January 14, 2010...

If you want to know your current potential, look around you.

Look at the people in your life.

Don't Postpone Yourself

January 13, 2010...

Does the answer "Tomorrow" really cut it?

Do you really think your life will be easier and all the challenges that currently cement your feet to the ground will be eliminated...tomorrow?

"I'll look for a new job...tomorrow"

"I'll start saving month."

"I'll apply to year."

"Choice" Awareness

January 12, 2010...

Choices. They surround us every day. Little choices. Big choices.

When to get up? Choice.

Your toothpaste this morning? Choice.

What to eat for lunch? Choice.

The Story of TWO People

January 11, 2010...

Person #1: Throws out 5-6 resumes a week hoping to land a job. No interviews.

"It's too discouraging to keep applying. I need to wait 'till people start hiring."

#2: Submits 20-25 resumes a week. Almost all come back with the same
answer: "We're sorry..."  An interview here and there pokes up.

Surprise Magic

January 10, 2010...

Don't you love surprises?

I sure do.

I especially love them during those times when wheels are spinning fast,
but no traction is being gained. It's the piece of good news that
finally arrives. It's the new door opening. It's the phone call that
you were just hoping would come.

Surprises can come in all sorts of forms, but they always add positive energy to a day and a week. They are almost magical in their power to give us renewed life.

Deep-Sea Goal Fishermen

January 9, 2010...

Sometimes...heck, often times...things just don't go as we'd like.

The new job isn't what was expected. The revised marketing plan falls flat.
The once-promising relationship grows cold. It's just life.

Learn and Practice

January 8, 2010...

Think of something you're good at doing.

No. Erase that.

Think of something you're GREAT at doing. (If "great" is possible..."good" just seems so darn mediocre, doesn't it?)

Appreciating Routine

January 7, 2010...

Some people are not exceptionally fond of routine. I must admit, I am guilty of falling into that category. However, there comes a time when even those of us who dislike routine need to appreciate its value.

Routine has value?

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