Use IT Wisely

We each possess more power than we even realize.

Our words can elevate. 

Or they can devastate.

Use Your Chances

My "A. Friend" signature campaign started in 1993.

Making The Adventure Bigger Than The Fear

My Chihuahuas have snuck in another life lesson.

My most recent lesson came from the little girl..."EMi." 

Don't Lose Hope

Sometimes...we have days that beat the bonkers out of us.

They happen...and it doesn't matter how empowered we are.        

122 Days, 3 VIPs...and 1 YOU

Today is September 1. There are 122 days left in 2016.

I'm going to close out the year creating and living my most productive, passionate and purposeful months and days...yet.

Here's my challenge to myself:

How to Stay Motivated?

I totally get it. Staying motivated isn't easy.

Inspiring Lessons

I Dare you... be a "Battery Charger of the Human Spirit" this week!! Be THE person that brings an amazingly empowering attitude and encouraging words to all your conversations! Immediate application: I dare encourage "possibility thinking" in one other person today.

The Amazing Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Hanging merely by an ankle.
Swaying on a trapeze.
Spinning 25 feet in the air.
Wowing the crowd below.

Does the Life You Live Match the Life You Want?

Does the life you live match the life you wantAnd...are you even plugged in to make it happen?

Overcoming Fear

My secret to pushing past fear? 

I picture myself AFTER doing the scary thing...rather than BEFORE doing it.



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