The Court Jester's Slippery Tricks


I have a small secret that I didn't share before leaving to walk across England and Ireland.   

Thirty-six hours before catching a plane for 30+ days out of the country, I became aware that someone had my birth date, social security number, address and name. Scoring important pieces of my private info had them running amuck throwing 25+ instant credit applications into the Universe to see what would stick. There was one real doozy of a "hit" that went through before I could contact credit bureaus and put a freeze on my accounts.

Having done what I could to put the brakes on further damage, I got on the plane. 

At times, life seems to be a slippery Court Jester whispering in our ears excuses not to follow through with our biggest goals. This is one of the reasons why we don't accomplish some of our most awesome dreams; we give the whispers of the tricky Court Jester too much stage time.

When I arrived at London's Heathrow Airport, I went to get cash out of the ATM. It didn't work. "Hmmm...this isn't too fun," I thought to myself. I went to an airport restaurant 100 feet away to regroup. Both of my every day credit cards were declined. 

Less fun was being had. 

Obviously, my efforts to block the bad guys from attacking my wallet created access issues for myself. Now if you love challenges, here's a good one for you: go to a foreign country, have no cell phone, and try to convince your credit card companies that you really are the name on the card during a major league fraud situation.

But this story has a 5-star awesome ending.

I made it out of the airport and to the hotel. I spent three hours using a phone behind the hotel reception's desk. I got my credit cards working. I figured out how to get to the starting point of my walk the next day. And I finished an amazing 400+ mile coast-to-coast hike across both England and Ireland.

Never, never, never...let the Court Jester stop you from "walking."

No matter in what capacity "he" shows up.

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