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Lions, Kittens...and the Shallow End of the Pool

February 15, 2018

When life gets dramatic and challenging... I take a walk.

I don't do it to escape reality.

I do it to find reality.

We are masters at exaggerating what is not there. We add 20 pounds to the one-pound problem. We see lions when there exists only kittens. We think we are going to drown when we are standing in the shallow end of the pool.

At times, I OVER feel and think, too. And when I start whispering, "That's impossible!" I get outside. 

And move.

Getting my body moving and breathing in nature reminds my hope of what IS possible. Seeing birds fly, witnessing blossoms bud, and looking at the sky sparks me to soak in the "bigger" picture. Taking a walk re-orders "out-of-order" thinking and re-kindles a passionate belief in my possibility.

Feel like you have lost your personal power?

Then take a walk.

Every day.

And when life seems extra hard and impossible?

Take two.


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