Hold on to Your Simple

It's easier to live a happy and empowered life when we regularly "hold on to our simple."

What is "hold on to our simple"?

It's taking the time to enjoy the soft, easy, dependable and inexpensive moments about our lives that make us smile most. It's the times we catch our deepest breaths...laugh our hardest laughs...and feel our best feelings. 

For me, holding on to my simple means watching my Chihuahuas run down the hall together from the elevator to the front door after I take off their leashes. It's taking a long solo walk with my backpack. It's turning on the juicer after I created a pretty awesome concoction.

Life can certainly get hard...even overwhelmingly hard at times. Holding on to our simple extra hard when life gets extra hard makes the dog paddling from one challenge to the next more survivable. Holding on to our simple revitalizes us. It sweetens our current thoughts; it warms our current feelings.

When life seems to be yelling at you super loud, take the time to seek out and enjoy moments to hold on to your simple. It's there that you will find the awesomeness of life restored. It's also there that you will find your superhero-like powers beginning to be recharged.


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