Hiking, Biking...and Emergency Phone Operators


Sometimes...life hits us super hard.

As I write this, 24-hours prior I was on an early morning hike on a quiet trail. The sun had been up for a short time, and roughly 30 minutes into the hike, I had yet to see another person. 

Then...up ahead...I noticed a bike lying on the ground. "Where's the rider?" My brain went into alert mode as I looked for movement. And then I saw him. 

Lying on the path and writhing in agony was a rider who had taken a nasty fall. One look at his ankle bone protruding from his sock and I knew it was a bad one. He was on the phone trying to talk to 911, but his brutal pain didn't allow for clear communication, and he was having challenges giving the emergency operator an accurate location in order to send help.

I came at the right time.

I was able to help this poor guy by taking over the call. I waited with him as emergency support navigated their way to us. Later, I pushed his bike out from the trail and took it home to be retrieved by his family. 

"Med" (short for "Meredith") had no idea what life had in store for him yesterday when he woke up and decided to go mountain bike riding. And that's just the way it is when bad moments strike. Life is unpredictable. Never does it take into consideration our schedule, plans, goals and dreams. It comes without warning like a rock into a windshield. 

Surprise events can crack us...shock us...devastate us. It's what happened to Meredith. It's what happened to the fire victims in California. It's what happened to the hurricane victims. It's what happened in Las Vegas. It's what happened to the guy who was fired. It's what happened to the person entering the doctor's office for a routine visit and leaves with her happiness shattered.

Not one of us will leave life without being knocked down...once.  


Ten times.


That's the way it is.

And that's why we should live life...and love life...with everything we've got. 

If you desire to ride your bike in the mountains...live with passion. 

If you yearn to play the guitar...live with passion. 

If you crave to travel...live with passion. 

If you dream to write a book...live with passion. 

If you seek to rescue a dog...live with passion. 

If you wish to learn to dance...live with passion. 

If you aspire to volunteer...live with passion. 

No matter what life hits you with...keep living with passion.

It's the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

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