Can You Really Own a Tiger in Texas?


Chinese food restaurants are popular places to eat if you're a vegetarian and walking across England. 

I had just finished trekking through the wind and cold for 15 miles when I arrived in Carlisle, England, and I was jazzed to find a Chinese buffet. When you live out of a backpack for an extended time, what was once a "no big deal" happening can turn into a cool life blessing. At that moment, a plate of noodles and vegetables were the most awesome foods in the world to be eating.

I sat at my table with an overflowing plate in front of me and my backpack sitting next to me; I know...definitely a visual oddity...but when everything you need and own is in that backpack, you keep it close to you at all times. A curious 5th-grader named Rebecca decided that the unique sight required a visit to my table. With her entertaining English accent, she began a game of 100 questions that came out of her mouth faster than I could answer them.

"Why is that bag next to you?" "What's in it?" "Where are you from?" "Do you like America?" "Do you like your President?" "Is it true all things are bigger in Texas?" "Can you really own a tiger in Texas?" (Her fascination with Texas was huge due to watching YouTube videos.)

Her parents politely tried to bring her back to their table for fear she was bothering me. I didn't mind. Meeting new people every day as I walked was all a part of my great adventure. 

New people.

It doesn't matter if I'm on a travel adventure or if I'm walking my dogs at home, meeting new people adds inspiring color and flavor to my life. Creating conversations with new people sparks new friends.

And living and experiencing "new" keeps life fresh. 

And interesting. 

And empowering.

And it keeps me growing.

Feeling dulled and uninspired by your life routine?

Then new inspiration could be found in the very you meet.

Make the effort to meet someone new as often as you can.

It could be someone very, very cool.

And life-changing.

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