An Inspiring Speaker

Shawn Anderson
Are you looking to empower employees or inspire attendees at a major event you are hosting?

Could your audience use an extra dose
of extra mile energy and passion?

Shawn's it.

As a motivator, Shawn Anderson is the guy that walks the talk. A business success, a 6-time best selling, "Motivational" and "Self-help" author, a world traveled adventurer who has pedaled the U.S. on a bike twice, run a 100-mile race, created adventures in 40+ countries including having walked across England, Ireland, Japan, Spain and Portugal, Shawn has inspired, motivated and empowered tens and tens of thousands of people.  No one delivers the “go the extra mile” message more powerfully than the guy who has inspired world record holders, big city mayors, media outlets around the world, and everyone in between.

If you need a major-league “pop” to take people to another level of performance, then talk to the man who leaves events still buzzing after his appearance. From the heart with all the passion you can muster, Shawn Anderson is the “The Extra Mile Man”…and he can lead your audience to want to go the extra mile.

Here's what others are saying about Shawn: 

Helen KleinHolder of over 80 World and American endurance and running records
 “Shawn teaches us the truth in that we can all do it. He keeps me going.”

 “Shawn will help people SOAR to wherever they can dream…”

Shawn is an excellent communicator who has the ability to touch thousands of lives.”

“Shawn's dedication…that doing just a little bit more can make a huge impact…inspires me." 

Rev. Marigene De Rusha, Spiritual Director of St. Louis Center for Spiritual Living
One of the best guest speakers we have had.” 

Dana Postlethwait, Pinnacle Career Institute (Kansas)
“Observing the crowd, I saw tears, hope, and just pure happiness as Shawn encouraged our students."

Kellie Williams, conference attendee
"Shawn's energy and optimism was contagious and it was remarkable to witness a room full of people so transfixed by his philosophies. Hours after his presentation, the lobby was still buzzing; the impact was profound.

Becky Elder, Family nurse practitioner
"...It must have been destiny for me to hear Shawn speak!"

Renee Cox, Serve Idaho, Program Director
"Shawn is an amazing and inspirational speaker!!

Gail Marshall, Manager, Workforce Development, Orange County, CA
“I’ve heard lots of ‘motivational’ speakers in my 30 years of sales, but no one has touched me remotely like Shawn.”   

Mayor Michael A. NutterPhiladelphia 
"Shawn demonstrates an amazing commitment of inspiring others to reach their highest potential while giving back to their communities. Shawn's message superbly reinforces the volunteer spirit."

Madye Henson, Former President and CEO, HandsON Greater DC Cares
“Shawn Anderson has the uncanny ability to get those who hear his message fired up about serving others.”

Benjamin Brus, Client Services Manager, LA Works
“Wow! Inspiring, motivating, and empowering! The standing ovation following the presentation said it all.” 

Clare Garrison, Volunteer Services Coordinator at State of Delaware
“Shawn is a personable motivator with a simple but compelling message that energizes his audiences to do and be more!” 

Jennifer Caprile, Serve Idaho, Project Coordinator
“Shawn has the wonderful ability to spark that light in all individuals.” 

Jana Kemp, former candidate, Idaho Governor
“Shawn is genuine and free of the canned-presentation-hype that so many circuit speakers end up carrying. ” 

Annika Ihnat, Grant writer, Los Angeles, CA
“Shawn can motivate and inspire any individual or team. He really is a "Battery Charger of the Human Spirit."  

Robert Ford, Former Executive Director, Jefferson Awards
“On meeting Shawn, you can't help but ask yourself the question 'Am I doing enough to make the world a better place?'"

Tom Tuohy, President & Founder, Dreams For Kids
“If you have the good fortune to meet Shawn one day, you will never again stop yourself from going that extra mile.


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