Wearing Two Faces


June 12, 2009...

Whoever thought being two-faced could pay off?

But it can.

In fact, personal success demands that we are two-faced in a unique sort of way.

First, we need to have the face of the "self-encourager." We need to be able to pick ourselves up and motivate ourselves when we are down. Waiting for someone else to reinforce our direction or attitude may have us waiting for a long, long time.

Second, we need to have the face of the "doer." When action needs to be taken, we need to unhesitatingly move on it. No sitting around talking or dreaming about how great things are going to be. No thinking that "tomorrow will be better." Just pure, do-it-now action. 

When we learn to wear both the faces of the "self-encourager" and the face of the "doer," our lives dramatically change.

And it's in wearing both faces where we establish the power to truly create our own destiny.

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