It's not always fun


June 13, 2009...

Bike riding is NOT my favorite way to exercise.

I find it long, lonely and tedious, and I get bored easily. Riding a bike for nearly 4,000 miles? there something else I can do instead, please?

Not this summer.

Sometimes in life, big goals demand big efforts that may or may not be high on our "Favorite things to do" list.  Like riding a bike from San Francisco to Boston.

My over-riding purpose this summer is to remind as many people as I can across America that when we "go the extra mile" in life, good things happen. Our country seems to be living through a time where that message is particularly important. (

So, in an effort to get the media to help broadcast the "extra-mile" message, it seemed necessary to do something dramatic...and well...extra-mile like. Pedaling nearly 4,000 miles accomplishes that.

Big purpose...big goals...big dreams...they require big efforts.

Not all of them are fun.

But let's decide together to never sacrifice the "big"...because parts of it aren't fun.

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