A Big "Life Success" Secret


January 22, 2014…

To get what we want, we often have to do what we dislike. To get a better job, we have to take the risk and leave the comfort of the one we have. To have a chance to create a harmonious and edifying relationship, we have to leave the security of the mediocre one. To lose the weight, we have to give up some favorite foods and find the motivation to jump on the treadmill.

And there lies a big life success secret: Nothing changes…unless something changes.

If we don’t put in the effort, if we don’t take the action or risk, we are perpetually destined to stay in the exact unpleasant situation in which we currently reside. And really, how would you feel if five years you were in the exact same unwanted life position you are in now? I imagine your answer would not have a G-rating.

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