Habit #2 to Break For More Success: Mindless TV


January 28, 2014…

Focusing on creating the positives in our lives often starts with getting rid of the negatives. If our lives…in any area…are not what we truly desire, here is habit #2 (of seven) we can break that will help us walk in a more results-oriented direction:

HABIT #2: Quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
A while back, I was on a speaking tour across the U.S. Checking into my hotel one night after a long day of driving to my next city, I flipped on the TV. In going through the stations, I came across a popular show whose characters are always in the media. I decided to watch.

In this particular episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, one of the sisters had invited another sister to get laser hair removal….“down there”…for the first time. (Was I sure what I was seeing?) Without going into full detail, the “experienced” sister happened to check out the other sister’s lower regions while she was lying there. She complimented her sister on what she saw. I thought, “OMG! Really?” (I don’t even know what else to write here!)

Alternative option #2:
Here’s a stellar idea: How about we exchange an hour of TV time to build our own dreams rather than a celebrity's dream? (See Alternative option #1…again.)

If we want to stay stuck in life, watching a lot of TV is always a great idea. Undoubtedly, there will always be lots of mind-draining shows on that will allow us to waste our time…hours at a time. But if we want to live our best lives, giving up an hour a day of TV and working towards a goal will put into motion the possibility of something great happening…and, quite possibly, making our own lives a bit more glam, too.

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