Habit #3 to Break for More Success: Staying Up Late


January 29, 2014…

Focusing on creating the positives in our lives often starts with getting rid of the negatives. If our lives…in any area…are not what we truly desire, here is habit #3 (of seven) we can break that will help us walk in a more results-oriented direction:

HABIT #3: Quit staying up late.
I learned that one of the surest ways for me to feel unmotivated on a Monday is to stay up late on a Sunday. The alarm goes off too early. I let out a tired groan. My head starts thinking, “Do I really need to go into work today?” A quick calculation of sick days and vacation days tells me I do.

So, I do. Tired all day, I clock-watch. The hours go by slowly. Work performance is dulled.

That’s what staying up late does for us.

Alternative option #3:
Stay up late on Friday night. And Saturday night. But if you want to feel more energized and purposeful in your life, make it a goal to watch a few more sunrises. There’s something inspirational about watching a day start. Seeing the sun’s first light energizes our spirit...and gives our day hope.

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