Habit #4 to Break for More Success: Working at a Job You Hate


February 3, 2014...

Focusing on creating the positives in our lives often starts with getting rid of the negatives. If our lives…in any area…are not what we truly desire, here is habit #4 (of seven) we can break that will help us walk in a more results-oriented direction:

BIT #4: Quit working at a job you hate.
Nothing saps the life out of us more than working at a job we hate. Eight hours grinding. Time spent coming and going. All these hours, multiplied by five days a week, week after week, can take a toll. They can do some huge damage to our emotional, mental and physical health. Besides that, working at a job we passionately dislike dulls the brightness of how great our life could really be…present and future.

I remember reading a story Mark Twain told about a man who stayed stuck in a job and failed to chase his dream. (In the retelling of this story, I’ve made a few changes.)

The story tells of a man who was a brand new arrival to Heaven. Being shown around Heaven by an angel, the man realized that the angel knew the answer to every question in the world. Since the man was a devoted fan of music, the man asked the angel:
"Angel, I loved music and listening to the greatest voices. Please tell me, who was the greatest singer of all time?"
The angel nodded and pointed to an obscure woman in the corner. "That woman over there. She was the greatest singer of all."  
Shocked by the angel’s answer, the man hesitated for a moment. “You must be mistaken. She couldn't have been the greatest singer. I knew her on earth, and she worked at the bakery down the street."
The angel looked at the former bakery worker and sighed deeply. "You're right. She would have been the greatest singer of all time...if she had only followed her dream and become one." 
One sure way to continue to find dissatisfaction in life is to never take any risks. If you want more of the same mediocrity you may be experiencing, don't risk anything. Just keep walking the exact same status-quo road.

Alternative option #4:
If you’re not where you want to be working, find another job. Please. You’re not too old, and it’s never too late to start fresh. As long as your heart is beating, you can still do what you love. You can still make a difference; you can still create adventure and success for yourself. It’s all about choosing to make your life count until the end.

Ray Bradbury wrote: “Sometimes you've got to jump off cliffs and grow wings on the way down.”

I like that.

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