Putting "possibility" to the test...


July 17, 2009...

It's my last Friday at home before taking off to San Francisco to start my great extra-mile adventure...The Extra Mile America Tour (www.ExtraMileAmerica.com).

Do I feel nervous?  Ummm...sure, a bit.

Am I fearful?  No...not at all.  I have surrounded myself with amazing people who I trust completely in coordinating all events from California while I am out on the road.

Physically...am I prepared?  I believe so.  I know there will be moments when my body will undoubtedly cry out...but I believe my heart and will are far stroger than tired legs. 

Most of all, I am excited to see what happens when I stretch the realm of "possibility" and put months of action behind it.

And in this...things promose to get very exciting.




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