A great change of pace!


September 5, 2009...

Wow! Talk about a change of pace!

The Iowa roads without shoulders were taking their toll on my sanity, so it is really refreshing to ride through Illinois. Almost all the way across the state, I have been riding special trails reserved for bikes...the Hennepin Canal Trail and the I & M Trail.


Away from corn field, country roads, and farms, both of these trails were immersed in the middle of nature. Butterflies around me...frogs jumping across my path...water turtles everywhere...deer...wild turkeys...it was a real blessing to be pedaling. I felt a 100 miles away from the business of life...and the sound of a 60 mile-an-hour moving cars coming up from behind over my shoulder.

The route of the last few days is a clear reminder that what feels the best in life are those times that cost nothing but effort.


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