September 6, 2009...

Riding a bike...alone...for as many as 6-10 hours in a day gives one lots of time to reflect...and plan.

The reflecting part is valuable...but it isn't a lot of fun sometimes. Often, the reflecting is done regarding areas that we are currently feeling less than successful.

The planning part?

Well, that's essential when it comes to changing courses regarding areas in which we find ourselves disgruntled. Rather than just accept the status quo, planning is saying, "I deserve more...I want more...and this is what I need to do to get it!"

When we "reflect"...we are on the defensive. When we "plan"...we go on the offensive.

I hate feeling like I am on the defensive...and reacting to everything happening.

I love going on the offensive...and taking charge of my life.

Thank goodness for "planning."

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