Pittsburgh...and the G-20


September 24, 2009...

The city of Pittsburgh seemed as if it was in lockdown. Law enforcement and military vehicles were everywhere. Honestly, it seemed hard to believe I was even in the United States anymore.

Once out of town, I caught the Great Allegheny Passage...part of a non-motorized trail route from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C...in total, 318 miles long. It will be happy pedaling for me, I sense.

Today, I had a riding partner...Joe.

Joe started his bicycle adventure 12 days ago in Illinois and is still earning his rookie stripes as far as cross-country cycling is concerned. At 21, however, he is a pro when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude and making his life a great adventure. We rode together for about 40 miles and the time went by fast sharing the road. Biking alone ocean-to-ocean certainly has LOTS of individual thought time...and today was great to take a break.

Hard to believe, but D.C. is up next for me.  

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