Running in the fog


November 21, 2008...

It was a few minutes after 2:00 yesterday when I headed out the door for an afternoon run. As I talked my legs into picking up the pace, I noticed the weather was its usual “November comfortable” around 70+ degrees. As I ran closer to the ocean, however, the temperature dropped dramatically. Not only did it turn chilly, but before I knew it, I was running in a fog.

As I hit the beach sand, the fog became thicker. My vision became blind much further than 50 yards in front of me. As I ran, I had a realization that my run was very much the same as setting blind future goals. (I really have programmed my brain to think about this stuff 100% of the time!). We move forward sometimes not being able to see the end location of where we are going…except in our mind.  But still, hope and determination carries us forward. We know that as we keep moving forward, rewards and roadblocks, and welcome and unwelcomed surprises will begin to appear.

My mental running metaphor became 100% complete as from out of the fog in front of me, a man appeared…walking the same direction as I was running. He seemed to be 100% naked, but no one could be that bold.  Could they? As I got closer, I had to laugh. The man had the smallest piece of material going up his backend that I had ever seen. I said a small prayer that I was thankful to be running the same direction as him…and not him coming at me. And I chuckled to myself. It was confirmed. When we move forward into the blind…we’re not sure exactly what might appear, but most certainly we are reminded by just how much fun it is to run on life’s beach.

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