Throw Yourself A "Forgiveness Line"


March 21, 2009...

Living with excellence everyday is hard work. I'm not going to say it's impossible, and that you should give up on trying, but I am going to say throw yourself a "forgiveness line" when you have a mediocre day. Or to be more blunt...forgive yourself when you screw up. Why choose to feel so bad about yourself that you let one bad day potentially rub off onto a second day, and possibly turn that one, too, into a crummy day?

That happens. A lot.

In order to maximize my own personal peace and harmony, I have learned to simply let a bad day, experience or contact go. That's right...forget about it. It simply is what it is. I learn from it...figure why mistakes were made...what my "trigger" was that sent me spiraling...and then I simply do my best not to repeat the mistake.

It's not rocket science. It is entirely effective. And empowering.

The greatest goal, in my opinion, that any one of us can have is to work towards "self-mastery." To master our thoughts, our words, and our actions has a snowball effect that changes everything around us...positively.

So...if you can relate and have been beating yourself up a bit...just let it go...get back in the saddle and continue to live with empowerment and purpose day-by-day.

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