"One Shining Moment"


March 23, 2009...

For college basketball lovers, now is your time. This is it...the big NCAA college basketball championship tournament referred to as "March Madness." No doubt, it's fun and exciting, and hard not to get excited about. Every game is do or die. With a loss every team goes home...season over.

With this tournament, there is also a slogan: "One shining moment." It captures the idea that at any time some individual player or entire team can rise up and claim their historical glory in "one shining moment."

Interesting concept. 

I am drawn to wonder, is my character, talent, drive and dedication geared to accept that unique moment in life where I am faced with the potential of that "one shining moment?"

Is yours?

I believe that each of us will experience some occurrence or be a part of an event where our best is challenged. Sure, we might not have to make two free throws in front of 30,000 screaming fans to win a basketball game...but it could be no less dramatic...and quite possibly more important.

The "One shining moment" concept for me is enough to motivate me to prepare...to work on developing my sharpness...because you never know when that potentially life-changing person or moment will enter your world.

In fact, it could come tomorrow.

Are you ready if it does?

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