"An Attitude of Gratitude"


April 16, 2009...

I have two kinds of goals in my life. External goals. And internal goals.

The external goals? Well, they give my life purpose. They are the goals that are tied to making my life count. They are the goals that can be seen. They are the "bricks" of my life.

The internal goals? They are the goals that help me become the best person I can be. They are the goals that my character is a witness to. They are the "mortar" that holds my "bricks" together.

One internal goal that is very important to me is to develop a "permanent state of gratitude." Finding gratefulness for what I do have...and not worrying about what I don't have...is something I am very keen on. Perhaps like me, you, too, get so caught up in "aspiring" that you forget to count your blessings and take the time to consider just how darn lucky you really are.

An "attitude of gratitude" softens our heart. It causes us to push pride aside. It allows us the confidence to cheer for others. It gives us the insight not to take our own lives so seriously.

Those are pretty cool fruits, don't you think?

For me, developing "an attitude of gratitude" is definitely a lifetime goal. But in working towards this goal daily, I have positively noticed that it pays internal dividends much sooner than my external goals.

And that feels great.

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