Garage cleaning


April 20, 2009...

Yesterday, I did some big time garage cleaning.

If you've never taken part in a garage cleaning event...well, let's just say you haven't missed anything in life. It's a dirty job of going through paint cans, car cleaning stuff, old boxes of once considered "Must Keep!" items...and lots of spiders and cobwebs. It's one of those projects that could definitely take hours depending on the amount of time in between cleaning visits, and it's always at the bottom of my "To Do" list.

But yesterday, I moved the job to the top of my list, and what may have started with less enthusiasm ended with much more. After finishing, I was reminded of two things: 

1. On a surface level: It sure feels amazing to get the big, ugly jobs done in life. Whether it be starting taxes, cleaning the garage, or finally committing to complete whatever other big challenge has been hanging around your neck, it feels awesome to stand back afterward and say, "I did it!"

2. On a deeper level: It doesn't just have to be the external "cleaning" that makes us feel better. More often than not, there is more value in doing some internal cleaning and getting rid of the once "Must Keep!" limited thinking boxes that have been stored in our brain. The "items' in these boxes may have seemed valuable at helping us negotiate tough times earlier in life, but now all they do is clog our progress and limit our future potential.

As for my garage? It's now clean. The cobwebs are gone, the donation boxes have been set aside, and I feel pretty darn good about my effort.

And I have another reminder to see what I have stored on the inside.

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