A Million Ounces of Hope


For me...every day is "2nd Chance Day."

Believing this sparks a lightening rod of hope into my world...and who doesn't love the energizing power of hope?

Hey...let's be real. Bad days happen to all of us. A key to maximize success, however, is to make sure that we live the fewest number of bad days possible and avoid running bad days into each other...one after another. 

This is why I brand a simple thought into my every day thinking:

"Today is 2nd Chance Day."

If yesterday was a disaster...today is a 2nd chance to make it right. If yesterday was mediocre and if there is a list of things I wish I had done better...today is a 2nd chance to get my act together.

When we believe in "2nd Chance Day," we add a million ounces of hope to our lives. And when we add more of this magical "hope" elixir into our daily thinking, despair fades, possibility rises, and our actions get moving.   

Want more hope...more possibility...more opportunity...more success...and less of what you lived yesterday?  

Then remember:  

Today is 2nd Chance Day.

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