Wear the Shoes You Want


This is about running shoes. (But only if you think it is.)

I was knocking out a quick lunchtime walk and simultaneously returning phone calls. On one call, I was asked about my adventures walking across countries. 

Inquirer: "What kind of shoes do you wear when you go?"

Me: "Normal running shoes."

Inquirer: "What brand?"

Me: "Whatever feels good. Right now I'm wearing the same shoes I wore crossing Ireland."

Inquirer: "What are they?"

Me: "I don't know." (Looking down at my feet) "ASICS."

Inquirer: "No one wears ASICS anymore."

Me: "I do."

Inquirer: "Why did you buy those?"

Me: "Because they were comfortable...and in the clearance section."

Life is easier when we care less about what others think. 

What we do. 

Where we eat. 

Who we date. 

What we care about.

What we drive. 

What breed of pet we have. 

What we read. 

What we feel.

Who we love.

What we think.

Where we go. 

Who we hang with. 

What we wear.

Why let any of these be molded by others?

This is your walk through life. 

"Wear the shoes" you want.

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