Mind, Heart, Legs...and Adventures


After a crazy 48-hour "Amazing Race" real-life adventure...I made it onboard.

In case you missed last week's blog, I had my passport and all cash and credit cards stolen in Barcelona, and I was unable to board a cruise ship back to the States. For two days, I was in full-scramble mode figuring out how to get cash without identification, get a new passport from the American Consulate, and bounce through Spain on trains in an effort to catch my ship before it permanently set sail across the Atlantic. 

As I write this, I have been on board the Epic for two nights. Tomorrow I will look for a cool café with wifi in the Azores, Portugal...load this blog online...and in five days, it will end up in your email. 

What lessons are now permanently tattooed on my brain after living this adventure?

1. It's about the mind. 

Stress grows or shrinks depending on if our brains are in charge of the experience, or if the experience is in charge of our brains.

2. It's about the heart.

When the goal we see is BIGGER than the fear we feel, our hearts will keep us moving forward.

3. It's about the legs.

Don't sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself. Keep...taking...action.

For sure, events and experiences will always test the depth of our desire to either end a "chapter"...or to keep writing a chapter. We are the ones, however, who make the decision to put the "pen" down permanently. Or not.

Keep writing your adventures.

Don't put your pen down.

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