Excuses versus Results...

April 7, 2010...

"We couldn't do it because..."


April 6, 2010...

Did you have a good day?

Think about it.

First, how do you FEEL?

The Law of Attraction...and other "Ax Sharpening" Tools

April 5, 2010...

I went to a meeting recently regarding The Law of Attraction. I do my best to consistently link up with people and books that help me keep my "ax sharpened."

"If change is going to is up to me."

April 4, 2010...

Science teaches us: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside

"Is this the best I can do?"

April 3, 2010...

"Is this the best I can do?"

I ask myself this question often.

Wealth, Power, Fame

April 2, 2010...

1. Wealth. 2. Power. 3. Fame.

When I was younger, those three ideals seemed to dominate my thinking
and effort.

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."

April 1, 2010...

"There are no traffic jams along the
extra mile."
   - Roger Staubach

"I want..."

March 31, 2010...

"I want..."

We all wish it. We all say it. 

"I want..." comes in big forms and little forms.

Consistency...and the 10 second voice

March 30, 2010...


Sometimes, it's hard to be consistent, huh?

The problem with losing consistency in goals and attitude is we start to
lose our momentum.

A leadership tip...

March 29, 2010...

What recommendations would I give to someone in a leadership position?

"Surround yourself with great people."

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