Are You Going To...or Not?

There just comes a time. You either are...or you aren't. 

There just comes a time when all the thinking about "it," the talking about "it," and the dreaming about "it" has gotta' stop. There just comes a time when the doing "it" has to kick in.

Don't Push the Domino

Ever play with dominoes? Stand one next to another.

Push one. Watch them all fall.

The 1st falling domino passes its energy to the the the 10th. A chain reaction is put into play. 

The Powerful Seven!

I am a big believer in living with intention.

To me, life is too precious to take the risk of just floating down the "river of life"...going here or there depending on the natural flow of life's events. Instead of just randomly "floating," I choose to use a "paddle" and direct my life's route as much as possible.

Look Left. Look Right.

Look left. 

Look right.

That early life lesson still guides us before we cross a street. As soon as we could walk, we learned to avoid disaster by looking both ways before moving forward.

Look left. 

Who Do You See?

The man stared into the mirror. He barely recognized the man staring back.

He cursed the man he saw.

Your Future Depends On It

Thoughts predict futures.

The Fairy Tale of Growing Old

I hear the "I'm too old" excuse a lot.

1,000 Moments of Regret

I would be a fake if I said I didn't feel fear.

Ever asked, "What's My Purpose?"

"How do I find my life purpose?" This is the #1 question I am asked.

Avoiding Gravity

We know gravity as the force that keeps our feet on the ground and causes objects to fall. 

But gravity is way more than that.
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