Thank an extra-mile friend...

March 18, 2010...

Extra-mile friends are golden.

They are the people who are there to support you in tough times. They
are the people who applaud your success in great times.

They don't ever speak in judgment. They don't ever walk in jealousy.
They are true, and they sincerely care and believe in you.

If you have one of those people in your world, take a moment and say
"thank you."

Because you are so darn lucky to have them.

Responsibility, Routines...and Ruts

March 17, 2010...

We fall into a groove. Some might
say the groove is so deep that it becomes a rut.

"Responsibility" and "routine" become the norm, and the flow of "life"
begins to just carry us along. We stop becoming a generator of the
things to happen...and become simply bystanders to everything that is

Do you feel this is happening in your life?

If so, remember the power of "cause and effect."

Do you have a leak?

March 16, 2010...

"Where did the time go! I didn't get anything accomplished!"

"Today was just one of those days, and I was frustrated all day!"

In our time management, in our attitude...cracks happen in our
foundations. Water seeps in...and we feel like we're drowning.

What eats up your time needlessly? What sends your emotions spiraling
the wrong direction?

Find the crack in your foundation...and plug it.

The "Q" word...

March 15, 2010...

The "Q" word.

Run from it. Avoid it at all costs. Never let "quit" leave your lips.

Because when we do quit, others lose faith in us.

And then we begin to lose faith in ourselves.

A "NO!" Day...

March 14, 2010...


Have you ever had a day where you heard the answer "no" so many times it seemed like there was a morning memo directed to everybody in your world that read: "Just say 'no!'?"

But you know what? "No" is okay. When our dreams are far in their reach,
we need to expect "No!"

A. Friend

March 13, 2010...

How many times have you had a rough day in life, and "a friend" helped get you through it?

How many times in life have you needed to hear that extra positive word of confidence from "a friend" in order to take the next step?

How may times in life has "a friend" believed in you so much that you even began to believe in yourself?

Thank goodness for having "a friend," huh?

Even more...

The "Other Person Disease"

March 12, 2010...

One disease you don't read a whole lot about is called the "Other Person Disease."

This disease is responsible for so many bad and horrible things in the world that it's surprising we don't read more about it.

Willing x 2...

March 11, 2010...

Success can be had by willing.

But not just by willing once...but by willing twice.

It's not enough to be willing to dream. Everybody can do that. We all desire. We all have goals. We all want the best for ourselves.

Simply willing to consider possibility is never enough to make it happen. We also need to be willing to take action. To put in the hours. To apply the hard work. To sacrifice something we would rather be doing.

Willing x 2?

by Shawn Anderson 

A step of courage...

March 10, 2010...

Have you ever wanted to make a huge change in your life, but overwhelming fear weighed you down?

The fear of the unknown...of leaving the known....can be absolutely paralyzing. The mental and emotional paralysis can be so intense that taking the action to make that change becomes impossible.

And then we forever have to live under a cloud of "I should have gone for it!"

Where does courage...the strength to do what you know you should do...come from?

It Awaits You!

March 9, 2010...

We don't have to accept current conditions in our own lives if we find them unfavorable.

We always have the power to change.

Our thoughts. Our actions. The people with whom we associate. Our occupations. Our state of health. Our relationships.

All of this is subject to "us." And all of this subject to improving at a moment's notice.

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