A Dog Named Noodles

A few days ago, I met "Noodles"...a dog who has a "storybook in his nose."

With my backpack heaved over my shoulders, I was slowing walking along a boardwalk-type path in Bray, Ireland, taking in the views of the Irish coast when he came up to me to say "hello!" 

Gates and Ladders

Gates and ladders.   

As I walk across the green pastures of England, I have opened and closed 100+ one-person gates and climbed over tens of country walls using ladders built over the top of the walls. 

That's how you walk across England. Through gates and up and down ladders.

By the Time You Read This...

Nervousness. Tension. Anxiety.

When Motivation Has Left the Building

For some...waking up motivated is easy.

I'm not in that club.

It's Time to Walk Mine

On June 7, I fly to London. 

In the 28 days that follow... I will walk across England. 

And then Ireland. 

Riding the Bullet Train

Time. It's moving like a bullet train.  

I was 30. Then 40. Then 50. 

It was the year 2000. Then 2010. Then 2017.

I was waiting for Monday. Then it came. And now it's been gone four Mondays ago.

Wanna' Predict Your Future?

Words are fortunetellers. Let me show you what I mean. 

"It's impossible."

"She won't be attracted to me."

Are You Going To...or Not?

There just comes a time. You either are...or you aren't. 

There just comes a time when all the thinking about "it," the talking about "it," and the dreaming about "it" has gotta' stop. There just comes a time when the doing "it" has to kick in.

Don't Push the Domino

Ever play with dominoes? Stand one next to another.

Push one. Watch them all fall.

The 1st falling domino passes its energy to the the the 10th. A chain reaction is put into play. 

The Powerful Seven!

I am a big believer in living with intention.

To me, life is too precious to take the risk of just floating down the "river of life"...going here or there depending on the natural flow of life's events. Instead of just randomly "floating," I choose to use a "paddle" and direct my life's route as much as possible.

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