Invest in YOU!

December 18, 2009...

Investing. It's on a lot of people's minds.

Should I...or shouldn't I?

Should I invest in the Stock Market? Should I invest in buying a home?

Which comes first?

December 17, 2009...

To the ancient baffler:

"The chicken or the egg...which came first?"

I wouldn't even begin to pretend to know the answer.

To a more relevant-to-my-life dilemma:

Something Worth Spreading

December 16, 2009...

I was reminded today of one of the great bonuses that come with choosing a self-improvement path.

Time Flies

December 15, 2009...

Life goes fast. Have you noticed?

Actually, I think as you get older, life flies by even faster. Silly, but it seems like it's true.

I'm in my late 40's. My mother is approaching 70. My grandmother is in her
mid 80's. Perhaps you're like me and think, "Wow! Where did time go!"

Except YOU

December 14, 2009...

No one is in charge of your success.

Except YOU.

No one is in charge of your happiness.

Except YOU.

"Hit the brakes...and punch the gas!"

December 13, 2009...

Attitude momentum.

It's always our choice.

We can either hit the brakes or punch the gas. We are good at both; it's just that we never really master when to do either. 

The Highlight of the Day

December 12, 2009...

Do you have one? Do you have a "highlight of the day"?

At the end of each matter how successful or unsuccessful the day
seemed...I always look for a highlight. Some days my brain might not
want to pull one out...but that's when I just have to dig a bit deeper.
The highlight is there. It always is.

"Problems" versus "Possibilities"

December 11, 2009...

"Problems" versus "possibilities."

Where's your focus and with whom do you more readily identify?


December 10, 2009...

I've always felt that communication...speaking and writing... is the one
acquired skill that could move us ahead in life faster than any other.
Solid communication skills shown in both our professional and personal
lives can do wonders for how life treats us.

Maybe you've noticed, too.

You have the "power"

December 9, 2009...


It's an interesting concept.

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